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I’m a product designer based in Montreal, Canada. I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Software Engineering. I've held two certificates in "Internet Programming & Development" and "Web and Database Programming" from Canada. My passion for UX happened when I used to work as a developer and realized how design thinking could solve real-world challenges at scale.

Coming from an engineering and design background, I love connecting the dots between business goals, technical constraints, and user needs. 

My top five strengths related to product design include:

Thinker, storyteller, empathizer, and brainstormer. 

In my design journey, I’ve had the opportunity to hold four Google and LinkedIn certificates:

Additionally, I've got one California Institute of the Arts certificate in:

  • UI/UX Design Specialization including:

    • Wireframes to Prototypes

    •  Strategy & Information Architecture

    •  UX Design Fundamentals

    • User Interface Design

More about me, I enjoy socializing, volunteering, painting, photography of routine day-to-day life, or looking for last-minute adventures in my free time.

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