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A personal finance management app

Project Overview


The product

Design a personal finance management mobile application that you can set a daily budget to spend and it connects to your bank apps, tracks your expenses and notifies you when you are passing the daily budget.


The problem

The users are low-income who need to manage their daily budget to spend less because of having saving goals.


My role

Running discovery utilizing design thinking methodologies, understanding users, uncovering problems, ideating on solutions and testing the high-fidelity solution for future iterations.


Project duration

 Feb 2022 - April 2022


The goal

Setting a daily budget to manage expenses wisely to achieve saving goals.



  • User research

  • Define personas

  • User journey maps

  • Competitive analysis

  • User flow

  • Sketching Ideas

  • Low-fi wireframes

  • Prototyping

  • Data visualisation

  • Usability testing

  • Design system

  • Iterating on design

Understanding the user

1 / Conduct surveys

Collect quantitative data like demographic information about them (e.g., age, gender, location)

(19 participants)

2 / Define persona

Define whom Coin is going to help

3 / Run interviews

Gather qualitative information by interviewing personas

2 participants

4 / Create a user empathy map

Empathize with the persona by uncovering their thoughts, feelings, sights, actions and Pains to understand better their needs

5 / User journey map

Understand how the persona manages their daily expenses to learn how Coin can support them to achieve their goals

6 / Competitive analysis

Investigate direct and indirect competitors and analysis of three similar solutions they have provided to solve users' problems

7 / User flow

Investigate direct and indirect competitors and analysis of three similar solutions they have provided to solve users' problems


19 participants

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Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 6.01.32 PM.png


  • 31.6 % | Less than 25

  • 57.9 % | Between 25-34

  • 5.3 % | Between35-45

  • 5.2 % | More than 45


Annual income

Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 6.20.17 PM.png


  • 66 % | Female

  • 33 % | Male

  • 1.0 % | Other


  • 64.7 % | Less than $20K

  • 23.5 % | Between $20K to $50K

  • 10.8 % | Between $51K to $140K 

  • 1.0 % | More than $140K


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Item Title

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Our Team.

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  • 73.7 % (14 votes) | Saving

  • 31.6 % (6 votes) | Investements

  • 15.8 % (3 votes) | Credit Score

  • 15.8 %  (3 votes)| Retirement

Main expenses

  • 36.8 % (7votes) | Rent

  • 31.6 % (6 votes) | Loan

  • 31.6 % (6 votes) | Bills

  • 21.1 %  (4 votes)| Others 

(others like Grocery, insurance, car maintenance, and education)

  • 10.5 %  (2 votes)| Mor 

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I’m a user experience designer based in Montreal, Canada. I graduated with a bachelor’s in computer software engineering from Iran and held a certificate in internet programming & development from Canada.

My career shift happened when I worked as a developer and saw how design thinking could solve real-world challenges at scale. In my design journey, I’ve had the opportunity to hold a certificate in “Foundations of Users Experience Design” from Google and “UI/UX Design Specialization” from the California Institute of the arts (Coursera).

Coming from an engineering and design background, I love connecting the dots between business goals, technical constraints, and user satisfaction.


I enjoy socializing, photography of routine day-to-day life, painting and doing yoga or looking for last-minute adventures in my free time.

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